© Photo courtesy of Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne, Australia

Following a global 6-month call launched in December, 2015, the 30 FotoFilmic’16 Traveling Exhibition Winners were announced at the end of July, 2016. The first FotoFilmic’16 presentation opened in Los Angeles at dnj Gallery November 5 – December 3, 2016, also revealing the 5 top Awards recipients. A second instalment then took place in Vancouver at the Burrard Arts Foundation April 6 – May 13, 2017. Its third and last instalment took place at Monash Gallery of Art October 14 – November 26 in Melbourne, Australia. The jury included Todd Hido (Photographer), Barrie Mowatt (Vancouver Biennale President), Karen McQuaid (Photographer’s Gallery Curator), Heidi Romano (Photobook Melbourne Director) and Heather Snider (SF Camerawork Executive Director).

FotoFilmic16 at Monash Gallery of Art, Oct-Nov 2017, Melbourne, Australia. © Photo courtesy of Monash Gallery of Art

FotoFilmic16 at Burrard Arts Foundation, April 2017, Vancouver, Canada. © Photo courtesy of Burrard Arts Foundation

FotoFilmic16 at dnj Gallery, Nov 2016, Los Angeles, USA.


Matthieu Litt (Liège, Belgium) | Horsehead Nebula 7, 2015
3rd Place Lomography Equipment Prize Winner

Chris Round (Sydney, Australia) | Ulladulla Harbour, NSW, 2012

Kamil Sleszynski (Bialystok, Poland) | Untitled, 2014

Garrett Hansen (Lexington KY, USA) | Void (.40 Caliber), 2015

Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin (Montreal QC, Canada) | Stable, 2015

Kumi Oguro (Antwerp, Belgium/Japan) | Division, 2014
4th Place Honorable Mention & ADOX Equipment Prize Winner

Thanos Kostikos (Thessaloniki, Greece) | Untitled, 2015

Lydia Panas (Kutztown PA, USA) | Amy, 2013

Carli Choi (New York NY, USA) | Painting in the Dark, 2012

Marine Lanier (Crest, France) | Eldorado #10, 2015

Alexis Pazoumian (Paris, France/Armenia) | Saint Augustin High School, 2016
5th Place Honorable Mention & ADOX Equipment Prize Winner

Seth Harwood (Spearfish SD, USA) | Jackson Boulevard, 2016

Melanie Eclare (Totnes, UK) | Winter Cabin, 2015

Dan Farnum (Tulsa OK, USA) | Three Crosses, Tulsa, OK

Ricardo Nagaoka (Portland OR, USA/Japan/Paraguay) | El Campo, 2014

Stine Danielle (Toronto ON, Canada/The Philippines) | After You, 2016
2nd Place $500 BEAU Photo Award Winner

Joseph Wright (Purton, UK) | Fruit Trees, Lydiard Tregoze, 2015

Ira Wagner (Montclair NJ, USA) | Houseraising, Union Beach 1, 2014

Anne-Sophie Guillet (Brussels, Belgium/France/UK) | Red Bed, 2012

Jasmine Clark (Chicago IL, USA) | Cando Market, 2014

Maxence Dedry (Liège, Belgium) | Jérémy Ngobila, 2016

Jenny Riffle (Seattle WA, USA) | The Ants Won’t Bite, 2010
1st Place $1,500 Buschlen Mowatt Nichol Foundation Award Winner

Cody Cobb (Seattle WA, USA) | Untitled, 2011

Ryan Gould (Santa Barbara CA, USA) | Untitled, 2015

Jordanna Kalman (Poughkeepsie NY, USA) | Untitled, 2015

Christa Blackwood (Austin TX, USA) | Prix West: Moab N. 57, 2015

Marc Newton (Binghamton NY, USA) | Redland Nursery #9, 2015-2016

Mat Hay (Edinburgh, Scotland) | Horse Bath, 2015

Mark Griffiths (Tenby, UK) | Floating Hamper, 2016

Nick Williams (Sydney, Australia) | Katoomba, NSW, 2015