June 1, 2016 FotoFilmic

FotoFilmic is excited to announce today the names of the 30 final photographers selected for this 4th edition final Summer SHORTLIST and whose work will be juried this month, along that of the previous WINTER and SPRING laureates, by our five international curators to mount the FotoFilmic’16 Traveling Exhibition showcasing 30 in Los Angeles, Melbourne and Vancouver.

An overwhelming number of very high quality submissions were received resulting in many worthy photographers not being part of the list here: we want to sincerely thank all entrants for putting their incredible work forth and giving us the opportunity to learn about it. This remains an important means for us to not only evaluate the diversity and ongoing evolutions of material practices in the global contemporary photography community, but also draw a first introductory connection with talented practitioners around the world for future other FotoFilmic opportunities besides the competition.

With the 2nd exhibition step now kicking in, FotoFilmic’16 is just getting started! We will now turn the completed 90-photographer FotoFilmic’16 SHORTLIST to our jurors and let them work their curatorial magic to select the final 30 exhibitors and individual works. Stay tuned on July 1st, one month from today, to discover the true face of the 4th 2016-2017 Traveling Exhibition first opening on November 5 at DNJ Gallery in Los Angeles!

In the meantime enjoy a whole new season of contemporary film-based and analog photography from 14 countries through the next 30 days as we showcase online each of our summer winners at

Congratulations to the 30 FotoFilmic’16 Summer ShortList Laureates!

1. Alena Kakhanovich (Warsaw, Poland)

2. Alexis Pazoumian (Paris, France)

3. Allison Jarek (Atlanta GA, USA)

4. Brett Henrikson (Providence RI, USA)

5. Christa Blackwood (Austin TX, USA)

6. Chrystel Mukeba (Brussels, Belgium)

7. Clement Hong Yui Chan (Hong Kong)

8. Dan Farnum (Tulsa OK, USA)

9. Daniel George (Rexburg ID, USA)

10. Stine Danielle Marasigan (Mississauga ON, Canada)

11. Darko Velazquez (Weimar, Germany)

12. Han Shun Zhou (Singapore)

13. Josee Schryer (Montreal QC, Canada)

14. Kamil Sleszynski (Bialystok, Poland)

15. Luca Tombolini (Milan, Italy)

16. Marc Falzon (Lawrenceville NJ, USA)

17. Marine Lanier (Crest, France)

18. Mark Griffiths (Tenby, UK)

19. Mat Hay (Edinburgh, Scotland)

20. Matthieu Litt (Liège, Belgium)

21. Maxence Dedry (Liège, Belgium)

22. Mehrdad Mirzaie (Tehran, Iran)

23. Nicolas Blandin (Annecy, France)

24. Ricardo Nagaoka (Portland OR, USA)

25. Roxana Pop (Medias, Romania)

26. Seth Harwood (Spearfish SD, USA)

27. Sian Davey (Totnes, UK)

28. Stephen Milner (Eugene OR, USA)

29. Stephen Segasby (Kings Lynn, UK)

30. Thanos Kostikos (Thessaloniki, Greece)