FF17 ShortList



Curated over the course of 6 months from January to June, 2017 through 3 consecutive 2-month seasonal calls (WINTER, SPRING & SUMMER SHORTLISTS), the FOTOFILMIC17 SHORTLIST is 90 film & analogue emerging photographers strong hailing from nearly 30 different countries and represents what is probably the most extensive and intensive recent curatorial effort to survey and represent the reviving role, place and future importance of material artistic practices (film-based as well as a wealth of predating & contemporary analogue methods, no digital capture)  in contemporary photography.
As is the case every year all shortlisted photographers are selected by the FotoFilmic Directors as they endeavor to craft for their jurors a unique piece of photographic curation able to embody newfound resonances and continuities with the medium’s complex and ever-evolving history.
Take the long FotoFilmic way home & enjoy the FOTOFILMIC17 SHORTLIST below: each shortlisted publication presents a short curated series of 3 photographs framed by a short interview including biographical and artistic practice background information, as well as invaluable thoughts on how materiality informs and invites critical thinking and meaning making processes in photography today.