July 6, 2015 FotoFilmic

FotoFilmic is proud to formally announce the names of the 30 final winners of its 3rd Global Juried Contemporary Film Photography Competition! Exhibitors were all picked from the completed 6-month FotoFilmic’15 SHORTLIST by an international jury board composed of Aline Smithson (Lenscratch, Los Angeles), Corinne Tapia (Sous Les Étoiles Gallery, New York), Ann-Christin Bertrand (C/O Berlin, Berlin), Damien Poulain (Oodee, London), Yeonha Choi (Space 22, Seoul) and Jeong Eun Kim (IANN MAgazine, Seoul).

The FotoFilmic’15 Exhibitors will soon embark on an 8-month traveling round taking their juried work to professional galleries first in New York at Sous Les Étoiles Gallery from August 20th, then in Vancouver at the Burrard Arts Foundation next November, and finally at Space 22 downtown Seoul in March 2016! Please note that all Cash & Equipment Prizes, as well as Honorable Mentions will be announced separately during the inaugural opening night in New York on Thursday, August 20th.

Congratulations to all FotoFilmic’15 Exhibitors, this is going to be yet another incredible show!

We also want to praise the other 60 ShortListed photographers this year without whom the full measure of today’s photographic practices on film, along with its limitless aesthetic formats, versatility of materials and subsumed artistic vigor wouldn’t be represented. From 35mm film to wet plates to just hand, paper and light, the interpretive and experimental avenues offered by physical mediums of photography all truly embody why film & analog photography can and will retain the open-ended future it always had. This is what ultimately all FotoFilmic’15 photographers contributed to this past year, and for the year ahead as a unique band of traveling talents.

FotoFilmic’15 Exhibition Winners (by alphabetical order):

1. Aaron Blum (USA)

2. Alice Zoo (UK)

3. Ansley West Rivers (USA)

4. Arseni Khamzin (Canada)

5. Bertrand Cavalier (Belgium)

6. Cédric Dubus (France)

7. Christa Blackwood (USA)

8. Claire A. Warden (USA)

9. Clara Wildberger (Austria)

10. Daniel Ali (UK)

11. David Shannon-Lier (USA)

12. Feiyi Wen (UK)

13. Gabriela Margarita De Jesus (USA)

14. Han Shun Zhou (Singapore)

15. Iona Cîrlig (Romania)

16. James Reeder (USA)

17. Jessica Labatte (USA)

18. Joachim Bøgedal (Sweden)

19. Julia Borissova (Russia)

20. Kyra Kennedy (USA)

21. Lee Suan (South Korea)

22. Mat Hay (UK)

23. Michael Jackson (UK)

24. Minho Kim (South Korea)

25. Ricardo Kump (Brazil)

26. Rylan Steele (USA)

27. Sarah Fuller (Canada)

28. Sebastian Reiser (Austria)

29. Tom Wilkinson (UK)

30. Vittoria Mentasti (Italy)