Over 4 months into the FotoFilmic’16 International Juried Film Photography Competition, we’re excited to release today the names of the 30 additional photographers selected for our 2nd SPRING SHORTLIST Call! Once again it’s been a unique pleasure and privilege to get to discover so many different high quality, thought provoking works all rooted into the equally historical and contemporary practices of ‘material photography’.

We want to thank all entrants for sending their best photographs and sharing their insights on why and how film-based and analog photography remains their artistic medium of predilection as photographers: time and time again your collective feedback voices and consolidates a maturing contemporary understanding of film photography as a critically relevant creative gesture in the context of digital culture and arts. Your work and photographic outlook matters to us and we wish we could publish and support all of you!

That said, and without further ado, we are extremely proud to welcome 30 more incredible talents coming from 12 different countries to the growing FotoFilmic family! Big congratulations to all, and stay tuned as another monthlong round of FotoFilmic’16 Online ShortList Features (aka OSF) launches tomorrow presenting each new FotoFilmic’16 photographer in our short interview format including their 3 selected works to be juried next June to take part to the FotoFilmic’16 Traveling Exhibition in Los Angeles, Melbourne and Vancouver!

1. Alastair Bartlett (Woodbridge, UK)

2. Tina Bauer (Vienna, Austria)

3. Casey Roger Bennett (Williams Lake BC, Canada)

4. Al Brydon (Sheffield, UK)

5. Carlotta Cominetti (Paris, France)

6. James Cooper (Petaluma CA, USA)

7. Simon Deadman (Perth, Australia)

8. Melanie Eclare (Totnes, UK)

9. Dan Gemkow (Chicago IL, USA)

10. Ryan Gould (Santa Barbara CA, USA)

11. Anne-Sophie Guillet (Brussels, Belgium)

12. Ruta Kalmuka (Riga, Latvia)

13. Jesse Koechling (Brooklyn NY, USA)

14. Anastasiya Lazurenko (Odessa, Ukraine)

15. Frank Machalowski (Leipzig, Germany)

16. Charles Mintz (Cleveland OH, USA)

17. Pierre Ollier (Paris, France)

18. Lydia Panas (Kutztown PA, USA)

19. Luc Pauwels (Antwerp, Belgium)

20. Steffen Poulsen (Göteborg, Sweden)

21. Carson Reeher (Williamsburg VA, USA)

22. Nicole Schwartz (Providence RI, USA)

23. Samantha Sealy (Norwich CT, USA)

24. Everett Smith (Boise ID, USA)

25. Joel Stevenett (Vancouver BC, Canada)

26. Fionnbharr Ó Súilleabháín (Maputo, Mozambique)

27. Marcus Wildelau (Bielefeld, Germany)

28. Nick Williams (Sydney, Australia)

29. Tamsen Wojtanowski (Philadelphia PA, USA)

30. Joe Wright (Purton, UK)