July 1, 2016 FotoFilmic


Christa Blackwood (Austin TX, USA)

Carli Choi (New York NY, USA)

Jasmine Clark (Chicago IL, USA)

Cody Cobb (Seattle WA, USA)

Maxence Dedry (Liège, Belgium)

Melanie Eclare (Totnes, UK)

Dan Farnum (Tulsa OK, USA)

Ryan Gould (Santa Barbara CA, USA)

Mark Griffiths (Tenby, UK)

Anne-Sophie Guillet (Brussels, Belgium)

Garrett Hansen (Lexington KY, USA)

Mat Hay (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Seth Harwood (Spearfish SD, USA)

Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin (Montreal QC, Canada)

Jordanna Kalman (Poughkeepsie NY, USA)

Thanos Kostikos (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Marine Lanier (Crest, France)

Matthieu Litt (Liège, Belgium)

Stine Danielle (Toronto ON, Canada)

Ricardo Nagaoka (Portland OR, USA)

Marc Newton (Binghamton NY, USA)

Lydia Panas (Kutztown PA, USA)

Alexis Pazoumian (Paris, France)

Kumi Oguro (Antwerp, Belgium)

Jenny Riffle (Seattle WA, USA)

Chris Round (Sydney, Australia)

Kamil Sleszynski (Bialystok, Poland)

Ira Wagner (Montclair NJ, USA)

Nick Williams (Sydney, Australia)

Joseph Wright (Purton, UK)


As the 6-month FotoFilmic’16 SHORTLIST comes to a close with the last Summer Online Feature published today, FotoFilmic is pleased to share on this celebratory Canada Day its jury verdict results revealing the 30 final photographers to take part to the 2016-2017 Traveling Exhibition program in Los Angeles, Melbourne and Vancouver!

We can’t thank enough our 5 distinguished jurors Todd Hido, Barry Mowatt (Vancouver Biennale), Heidi Romano (Photobook Melbourne), Karen McQuaid (The Photographer’s Gallery) and Heather Snider (SF Camerawork) for their time, dedication and experienced curatorial expertise in bringing together the FotoFilmic’16 show with such artistic cohesion and inspiring vision. Drawing 30 singular pieces from the massive, opulently diverse and appealing SHORTLIST material is no easy task! Navigating through 270 carefully curated photographs from 90 incredible talents, the jury nonetheless assembled nothing less than a stellar show playfully embodying many intricate nuances of all the material practices represented.

Crafting an equally rare and powerful tribute to the continuous rooting and resurgent evolutions of 21st C. photographic arts in analogue and historical media, we’re excited to see FotoFilmic’16 continue and expand FotoFilmic’s mandate of spurring new contemporary understandings of film-based photography and its rich lineage of physical craft and recording methods amidst the reign of global digital culture.

Huge congratulations to the 30 FotoFilmic’16 Traveling Exhibition Winners! Their work will first open at DNJ Gallery in Santa Monica, CA on November 5, 2016 before 2017 Winter and Spring instalments at Photobook Melbourne in Australia and the Burrard Arts Foundation in Vancouver, Canada respectively. Stay tuned for production updates through the summer as we now undertake the 2nd exhibition phase of the FotoFilmic’16 season!

Photo © Mat Hay, FotoFilmic’16 Exhibitor