FotoFilmic17 Spring ShortList Show


Gabrielle Béland  //  Thomas Bouquin  //  Ole Brodersen  //  Paul Crampton  //  Jonathan Cuadros  //  Iannis Delatolas  //  Makenzie Goodman  //
Natasha Lavdovsky  //  René Maurin  //  Samantha Simmons


JUNE 2 – JULY 2, 2017

The second FOTOFILMIC17 SPRING SHORTLIST SHOW continues the Directors’ curatorial exploration of the 5th edition SHORTLIST presenting 10 more exciting emerging photographers from Canada, the US, Slovenia, Norway, Slovenia and Germany loosely themed after the Spring-inspired notions of the transitional or cyclical through formal time abstractions (Iannis Delatolas, Natasha Lavdovsky, Paul Crampton, Makenzie Goodman, Gabrielle Béland) or symbolical transfigurations (the awakening, the warming up) as witnessed in strong monochromatic palettes and festive color contrasts (Ole Brodersen, René Maurin, Thomas Bouquin, Samantha Simmons, Jonathan Cuadros).

Curated by the FotoFilmic Directors each SHORTLIST SHOW presents a different 10-photographer curation drawn from the FOTOFILMIC17 SHORTLISTS ahead of official Jury deliberations. These group shows and the set of contemporary trends and aesthetic formats they come to represent embody FotoFilmic’s core discourse of material practices in the digital age known as ‘The New Face of Film’.

All works exhibited also become part of the FOTOFILMIC COLLECTION and are available for sale at the FotoFilmic Store as limited-edition artist-signed and numbered original prints (framed or unframed).

Ole Brodersen (Norway)

Samantha Simmons (USA)

Paul Crampton (Canada)

Rene Maurin (Slovenia)

Natasha Lavdovsky (Canada)

Thomas Bouquin (Canada)

Makenzie Goodman (USA)

Jonathan Cuadros (Germany)

Iannis Delatolas (USA)

Gabrielle Beland (Canada)