March 2, 2017 FotoFilmic

© Tomer Kep (Israel)


The first WINTER SHORTLIST Call of the 5th global juried traveling exhibition competition FOTOFILMIC17 concluded just earlier this week, yielding a record number of very high quality submissions from 25 countries: it truly is a privilege to be in a position to witness such a unique, lively snapshot of film-based and analogue photography culture and its richer-than-ever diversity, emerging yet again a new wealth of incredible talents worldwide! In times like these it really seems a bright future still lays ahead for photographers and photographic artists attached to continue grounding their practice through the many tangible experiences and healthy artistic limitations material media provide and require.

Our core mission at FotoFilmic is to faithfully relay and channel works reflective of this philosophy and through them grow far-reaching appreciation and recognition from global audiences, and there is little doubt this shiny first 2017 WINTER SHORTLIST will bring the film & analog argument in contemporary photography to extraordinary new heights.

Many, many worthy photographers couldn’t unfortunately find their place on the SHORTLIST ticket this time around: if you are amongst them, please know we thoroughly enjoyed spending extensive time with your work, and found us constantly wishing for a much longer SHORTLIST. But while extremely difficult and often just as much frustrating, only 30 artists could be announced today.

We are pleased to now reveal the names and nationalities of all WINTER FOTOFILMIC17 photographers! Big congratulations to all for making it to this first SHORTLIST! Each laureate will be published online this month as an Online ShortList Feature presenting their 3 selected images along with their short entry interview, so check the FotoFilmic website daily to discover a new season of film-based and analog works of exceptional caliber!

The 2nd SPRING SHORTLIST CALL has in the meantime already launched and is now accepting entries until APRIL 30, 2017! Be 1 of the 30 more photographers announced on Tuesday, May 2nd: submit your photography & photo book at:


(alphabetical order)

  • Antone DOLEZAL & Lara SHIPLEY (Syracuse NY, USA)
  • Antonis DAMOLIS (Amsterdam, Netherlands/Greece)
  • Camilo RAMIREZ (Jamaica Plain MA, USA)
  • Cesar CABALLERO DIAZ (Lima, Peru)
  • Chris ROUND (Sydney, Australia)
  • Clarisse D’ARCIMOLES (London, UK/France)
  • Claudia DEN BOER (Tilburg, Netherlands)
  • Cyrille WEINER (Montreuil, France)
  • David BELLARD (Washington DC, USA)
  • David FALCO (Poitiers, France)
  • David SEVERN (Nottingham, UK)
  • Diane MEYER (Los Angeles CA, USA)
  • Feifan ZHANG (Chicago IL, USA/China)
  • Ian SHERLOCK (Syracuse NY, USA)
  • Jesse KOECHLING (Brooklyn NY, USA)
  • Joan Miquel RAMIREZ-SUASSI (Madrid, Spain)
  • Johann HUSSER (Dortmund, Germany)
  • Juan GIRALDO (Paterson NJ, USA/Colombia)
  • Laura HOSPES (Groningen, Netherlands)
  • Myriam ABDELAZIZ (Brooklyn NY, USA/Egypt)
  • Neil HARMAN (London, UK)
  • Romain DARNAUD & Thomas KARGES (Les Lilas, France)
  • Ruya QIAN (Shanghai, China)
  • Ryota KAJITA (Fairbanks AK, USA/Japan)
  • Tianqui SONG (Baltimore MD, USA)
  • Tim PALMAN (Wellard WA, Australia)
  • Tomer KEP (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • Travis MITZEL (Pittsburgh PA, USA)
  • Wes BELL (Medicine Hat AB, Canada)
  • Yajing LIU (Singapore)