Myriam Abdelaziz, Gabrielle Béland, Rebecca Bowring, Ole Brodersen, Peter Iain Campbell, Iannis Delatolas, Antone Dolezal & Lara Shipley, David Falco, Matthew Finley, Fabien Fourcaud, Peyton Fulford, Michael Garbutt, Thomas Gosset, Brian Henry, Johann Husser, Tomer Kep, Kostas Kapsianis, Kovi Konowiecki , Frank Machalowski, Diane Meyer, James Reeder, Benedetta Ristori, Jacqueline Roberts, Ian Sherlock, Keith Taylor,Matthias Van Dromme, André Viking, Tamsen Wojtanowski , Dave Woody, Guanyu Xu

The 5th edition FOTOFILMIC17 TRAVELING EXHIBITION’s 30 exhibiting photographers from 14 countries were announced after jury deliberations in July, 2017. On March 22, 2018 the 5 top exhibiting photographers chosen by the jury were announced in anticipation to the first FOTOFILMIC17 opening at the Burrard Arts Foundation in Vancouver, BC, Canada: see all Awards & Honorable Mentions Laureates here. Exhibition Jurors this year included legendary photographic artists Roger Ballen, Larry Fink & Raymond Meeks as well as renowned international curators of contemporary photography and art Valérie Cazin (Founder & Director, Galerie Binome, Paris, France), Ashlyn Davis (Executive Director, Houston Center for Photography, Houston TX, USA), Barrie Mowatt (President, Vancouver Biennale, Vancouver BC, Canada) & Kosmas Pavlidis (Co-Founder & Academic Director, Stereosis School of Photography, Thessaloniki, Greece).

FOTOFILMIC17 Buschlen Mowatt Nichol Foundation Prize Winner: Tomer Kep
Founded in 1994, the Buschlen Mowatt Nichol Foundation seeks to fund and promote activities and programs that are beneficial to the community. With a special interest in nurturing emerging talent in art – and music -related disciplines and practices, the Foundation helps to facilitate diverse arts and cultural endeavours, such as photographic exhibitions, music and film festivals, arts councils, and art- and music-therapy programs.

FOTOFILMIC17, Stereosis, 10.19 – 11.11, 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece.

FOTOFILMIC17, Galerie Binome, 09.6-23, 2018, Paris, France.

FOTOFILMIC17, BAF, 03.22 – 05.12, 2018, Vancouver, Canada.


Tomer Kep (Tel Aviv, Israel), Untitled, 2006 |BUSCHLEN MOWATT NICHOL Foundation 1st place Award winner

Guanyu Xu (Chicago IL, USA/ China), ‘A Good Asian Boy‘, 2015, from the series ‘One Land to Another‘ | BEAU PHOTO 2nd place Award winner

Johann Husser (Dortmund, Germany), ‘Untitled (Our Only True Life Is In The Future)‘, 2016 | 3rd place Honorable Mention

James Reeder (Brooklyn NY, USA), ‘Untitled Photographic Object #35‘, 2016’ | 4th place Honorable Mention

Dave Woody (Eureka CA, USA), ‘Near the Mad River, CA‘, 2016 | 5th place Honorable Mention

Matthew Finley (West Hollywood CA, USA), ‘He hid his feelings behind a mask‘, 2015

Brian Henry (Baltimore MD, USA), ‘Isolation‘, 2017

Fabien Fourcaud (Paris, France), Untitled, 2016, from the series ‘Sanctuaries

Ole Brodersen (Lyngør, Norway), ‘Cloth and String #09‘, 2016

Benedetta Ristori (Rome, Italy), ‘The Bride’s House‘, 2017

Peyton Fulford (Columbus GA, USA), ‘Rian with Friends‘, 2017

Myriam Abdelaziz (Brooklyn NY, USA/ France), Untitled, 2016, from the series ‘WE THE PEOPLE

Diane Meyer (Los Angeles CA, USA), ‘Former Guard Tower Off Puschkinallee‘, 2013

David Falco (Poitiers, France), ‘Paysage Lacustre, 1810-2017‘, from the series ‘Meanwhile, after Caspar David Friedrich, 1774-2017‘ with support from the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Rebecca Bowring (Geneva, Switzerland), Untitled, 2014

Matthias Van Dromme (Bruges, Belgium), ‘MINE, Ben‘, 2016, from the series ‘KUPA-PITI: White Man in a Hole

Gabrielle Béland (Montreal QC, Canada), Untitled, 2015

André Viking (Copenhagen, Denmark), ‘Holy Well‘, 2015

Peter Iain Campbell (Glasgow, Scotland), ‘Seascape #804 [57º10’N2º00’E]‘, 2016, from the series ‘Starlings On Fire

Frank Machalowski (Leipzig, Germany), ‘Monster #11‘, 2014

Kostas Kapsianis (Athens, Greece), ‘Untitled, Kastoria, Northern Greece‘, 2016, from the series ‘A Common Story

Keith Taylor (Minneapolis MN, USA), ‘Otherworld 05‘, 2016

Michael Garbutt (Sydney, Australia), ‘Dubbo‘, 2017

Kovi Konowiecki (Long Beach CA, USA), ‘Angela and Daughters, Yucca Valley‘, 2017

Antone Dolezal & Lara Shipley (Syracuse NY, USA), ‘Waiting for the Light‘, 2013

Iannis Delatolas (Bronx NY, USA/ Greece), ‘Rick in a storm, Vieques, Puerto Rico‘, 2005

Jacqueline Roberts (Wincheringen, Germany), ‘Emrys‘, 2015, from the series ‘Nebula

Ian Sherlock (Syracuse NY, USA), ‘Untitled 9‘, 2016, from the series ‘Dearheart

Tamsen Wojtanowski (Philadelphia PA, USA), ‘Solo’, 2017

Thomas Gosset (Bordeaux, France), ‘Primitiv acids‘, 2015