JRNL 10 FALL 2021



FotoFilmic’s quarterly print publication JRNL was launched in early 2019 with the first call opening in the spring for the first Summer 2019 Issue. It’ll soon be three years already, and coming to the 10th issue of JRNL feels like a marker of sort, a maturing for a unique program that lives around the simple idea of bringing together the 21st C. analogue photography community, and to celebrate contemporary talent in all its forms. Each issue  threads its own curatorial needle while also creating new artistic kinships that we hope not only last, but can also help transform and elevate published photographers’ practices. So JRNL 10 in a word bears special significance, a symbolic burden that we trusted guest editor Paul Schiek with. And did he deliver! His masterful selection of photographers is flawless, diverse on all levels, yet lives as an organic whole interrelating many subjects and pressing social issues. Thank you Paul for all your time delving at length into the many, many other inspiring works submitted. We’re sure that even though not making it to the final JRNL 10 print form, the vast majority of the works encountered also made their own intrinsic impression on your mind and radar, and will remain there for a long time just as quiet, latent images would on undeveloped film.


Paul Schiek is the founder of TBW Books, an independent photo book publisher based in Oakland, California. He also writes about photography and teaches photography and bookmaking at the University of Hartford.


JRNL 10 PHOTOGRAPHERS (alphabetical order)

    1. Ghaleb Cabbabé (Lebanon)

    2. Luis Manuel Diaz (USA/Mexico)

    3. David Egan (USA)

    4. Dominika Jackuliakova (Slovakia)

    5. Morganna Magee (Australia)

    6. Landon McKinley (USA)

    7. Radha Rathi (India)

    8. Josh Smith (USA)

    9. Katrina Stamatopoulos (UK)

    10. Samantha Sutcliffe (USA)

    11. Andres de Varona (USA)

    12. Bart Walraeve (Belgium)

Congratulations to the 12 Fall 2021 photographers, we look forward to an amazing 10th JRNL issue with print copies that should come available  around the second week of October.

Sept. 14th Update: Extra kudos to Andres de Varona & Dominika Jackuliakova for making the JRNL 10 Covers (front & back respectively)!

Top Image © Andres de Varona, To See Myself Alive, 2020. From the series TRIALS.