JRNL 15 Guest-edited by Milo Montelli (Skinnerboox)

JRNL 15 (WINTER 2023)


Published Photographers (alphabetical order)

Evan Allan (US)
Karianne Bueno (The Netherlands)
Francesco Conti (Italy)
Giammario Corsi (Italy)
Claire Dunn (US/Argentina)
Ekaterina Golovko (Italy/Senegal)
Frederic HB (Canada)
Zahid Jiwa (Canada)
Dmytro Kupriyan (Ukraine)
Drew Leventhal (US)
Lucas Olivet (Switzerland)
Esmee van Zeeventer (The Netherlands)

JRNL 15 Covers (announced Dec.9, 2022)
Front Cover: Evan Allan, Mom Drawing in a Dream, 2021. From the series Wolf Branch.
Back Cover: Zahid Jiwa, Untitled, 2016. From the series Sky Limousine.

Guest editor: Milo Montelli (Skinnerboox)

Milo Montelli was born in 1982 in Jesi (Italy), where he currently lives and work. Self-taught, he first approaches photography while studying Cognitive Behavioural Psychology. Soon after his photographic researches start being exhibited at various independent galleries and international photo festivals. Meanwhile he also is a founder and active member of the luoghi comuni collective. In 2012 he started wishotLAB, a contemporary photography lab whose main objective is the promotion and dissemination of photographic culture through courses, workshops and events that also manages the publishing side of Italian photography festivals SI Fest and Fotografia Europea. In more recent years his research interests have focused on photobooks, first authoring a few titles (“Urban Bonsai”, Danilo Montanari Editore; “A drop in the Ocean”, Editions Du Lic) before founding SKINNERBOOX in early 2014 – an independent publishing house dedicated to contemporary photography and the visual arts. Since then Skinnerboox has maintained a noted presence at many prominent international fairs, such as NYABF (New York), UNSEEN (Amsterdam), FIEBRE (Madrid), OFFPRINT (London), COSMOS (Arles), POLYCOPIES (Paris), SFABF (San Francisco), SHABF (Shanghai), FRIEND WITH BOOKS (Berlin), and I NEVER READ (Basel). From 2015 and on most of the titles published in the Skinnerboox catalog have been either nominated for best photobook of the year or shortlisted for the industry’s most prestigious photobook prizes (e.g. nominated in 2018 as best publisher of the year by PhotoEspana). Today the Skinnerboox catalog comprises around 80 different titles both by emerging and well established photography based artists.


Top Banner Image © Evan Allan