Summer just got here and the first JRNL issue is itching to hit the presses next week, officially launching off FotoFilmic’s new quarterly newsprint publication! It all starts today, with the announcement of the 12 talented analog photographers chosen by guest curator Lucy Conticello, one of the industry’s most accomplished editors, to sew together the first JRNL pages into one beautiful, compelling contemporary exploration of lyrical materiality, mundane scapes and photographic subtext. Learn more about Lucy below, and stay tuned for her written curatorial feedback to be published in print as foreword to the first JRNL portfolio pages!

Director of Photography at M, Le Monde magazine (Paris, France)

Photography editor, critic and lecturer Lucy Conticello has worked  for Business Week, The New York Times, l’Espresso, The New York  Times magazine, Courrier International, The International Herald Tribune as well as photography  agencies such as Sipa Press, Magnum Photos and –briefly, the AFP.

In 2011 Lucy joined M, the newly redesigned weekend magazine of Le Monde as the Director of Photography coordinating a staff of photo editors in charge of all the editorial assignments (portraits and features) for the magazine. Lucy has been assigning photographers for several years now; what she loves most is the creative  process of pairing photographers with stories, brainstorming ideas and  seeing how these pictures end up defining these articles.

She regularly takes part in international photography juries, most recently The LensCulture Portrait Award and the Prix Virginia, as well as portfolio reviews and workshops. Lucy also sits on the Advisory Committee for Unseen Amsterdam.

PHOTOGRAPHERS PRESENTED (alphabetical order)

  1. Fiorella Del Castillo (Lima, Peru)
  2. Odette England (Providence, RI, USA)
  3. Marjolaine Gallet (Paris, France)
  4. Jakub Jančo (Bratislava, Slovakia)
  5. Liu Liu (China/Chicago, IL, USA)
  6. Paolo Morales (Arlington, VA, USA)
  7. Ricardo Nagaoka (Portland, OR, USA)
  8. Mirre Nimmegeers & Eri Valuchene (Gent, Belgium)
  9. Deanna Pizzitelli (Canada/Bratislava, Slovakia)
  10. James Reeder (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
  11. Landon Speers (Canada/Brooklyn, NY, USA)
  12. Alnis Stakle (Riga, Latvia)

Congratulations to the 12 laureates! Each photographer will be given a full portfolio spread and receive a complimentary JRNL print copy in the mail next month.
More copies will be made available for purchase online at the FotoFilmic Store.

And a special mention to Belgium duo Mirre Nimmegeers & Eri Valuchene for also winning the first JRNL cover! Both photographers are currently attending the master program in photography at Sint Lukas, Brussels, and started collaborating in 2017 from shared working processes and aesthetics, as well as a common interest in the blurred narrating possibilities that exist between fiction and non-fiction series.

For now enjoy the quick glance portfolio below, and feel free to expand your reading by visiting & following them on Instagram (links in names)!