For its 7th edition FotoFilmic’s annual call is morphing into a new vision and format: the MESH Exhibition!

MESH is:

A unique Call to rethink Photography ‘s position on the Contemporary  Art Scene

A Critical Theme setting Material Photographic Practices & the Visual Arts  into new dialogues

An innovative Curatorial Collaboration between 2 prestigious Photography and Contemporary Art curators: Rebecca Morse (LACMA) & Linsey Young (Tate Britain)

A 2-person Gallery Exhibition celebrating the growing relevance of material media in 21st C. visual culture

$5K Exhibition Grants awarding $2.5K to each MESH Winner (1 Photo laureate & 1 Visual Arts laureate) toward exhibition expenses



The MESH Exhibition Call invites work based upon a broad critical theme in reflection of our current times: for this first MESH edition the theme is ‘REDSHIFT’.

Borrowed from astronomy and the Big Bang theory, a redshift happens when light observed from very distant objects shifts to the red end of the spectrum signalling an increase in distance from earth (stars move away as the universe expands). This phenomena of red light dimming away in space & time lays the ground for the call’s conceptual and allegorical framework inviting photography and visual arts works focused on urgent contemporary issues.

As our ever accelerating societies reached in the past few decades multiple tipping points, it paradoxically slowed off the mark to implement widely anticipated solutions to mounting crises. To an outside observer, earth may very well itself be found redshifting into a stark future whose premisses feel already all too present. The REDSHIFT Exhibition will boldly state the now by creating an enmeshed space of artistic vision able to gravitate our collective mind back closer to our existential condition and the global changes a humane future demands.

Projects submitted may explore a wide range of issues spanning from the political, the social, the economical, the environmental, the technological and the existential.

In a global world that looks anything but unified, we seek works of art and photography that challenge the status quo and help emerge a clearer understanding of our moment: from identity politics to gene editing, global warming to social scoring, post-industrial anxiety to high-frequency trading, our collective identity and history is rapidly shifting into unknown, often virtual territories. As an artist we ask you: what is your redshifted vision? What do you see as a crucial, defining paradigm or shift of our times?


Please note all entry fees are non refundable and include up to 20 images (3 video links only for video/film artists).
$50USD: Regular entries until Feb.28, 2019, Midnight PST.
$40USD: Early Bird entries until Dec.31, 2018, Midnight PST. 


REBECCA MORSE, Curator, Wallis Annenberg Photography Department, LACMA, Los Angeles, USA | MESH Photography Curator
Rebecca Morse is Curator in the Wallis Annenberg Photography Department at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Recent projects include Sarah Charlesworth: Doubleworld and Larry Sultan: Here and Home. She was previously Associate Curator at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) where she organized Amanda Ross Ho: Teeny Tiny Woman, Cai Guo-Qiang: Ladder to the Sky, Rodarte: States of Matter, The Artist’s Museum, and Florian Maier-Aichen. Upcoming projects include a thirty-year retrospective of the work of Thomas Joshua Cooper and Objects of Desire: Photography and the Language of Advertising that examines the ways in which artists have mined the language of commercial photography for their own work. She has written on Sarah Charlesworth, the evolving relationship between photography and sculpture, contemporary photography and the hotel, and photography’s changing role in contemporary art beginning in the 1980s.

LINSEY YOUNG, Curator, British Contemporary Art, Tate Britain, London, UK  | MESH Visual Arts Curator
Linsey Young is a curator based in London and Glasgow. Since 2016, Linsey has held the position Curator British Contemporary Art at Tate, where recent and forthcoming projects include: Rachel Whiteread, Anthea Hamilton: The Squash and Turner Prize 2018. Linsey is commissioner and curator of Scotland+Venice 2019, presenting Charlotte Prodger at the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. Since 2013 Linsey has run the itinerant not for profit project, YOUNG TEAM.


The first curatorial step of the MESH Exhibition is the MESH ShortList selecting a total of 20 artists to be considered further as potential exhibition winners. LACMA Contemporary Photography curator Rebecca Morse will pick 10 photographers amongst all photography entries, while Tate Britain Contemporary Art Curator Linsey Young will pick 10 candidates from the Visual Arts ones. Both shortlists will then be brought together into an advanced curatorial conversation between the two in order to weave together the future MESH Exhibition presenting a single photographic artist alongside a visual arts one. 


In mid-June following a few additional weeks of deliberation after the SHORTLIST results the two MESH curators will communicate their final verdict awarding 1 photographer + 1 visual artist the MESH Exhibition Prize. Both winners will exhibit together in the following Spring in Vancouver, Canada presenting their selected works into a dynamically meshed dialogue stimulating critical thought and encouraging groundbreaking curatorial perspectives on the materiality of art.

Working in close relation with the MESH curators to maintain their curatorial vision, FotoFilmic will organize a monthlong Dual Exhibition for the two MESH Winners at one of their professional partnering venues in Vancouver, Canada the following Spring (2020). A printed exhibition catalogue with forewords from the curators will be published alongside the Mesh Exhibition.


Each of the MESH laureates (1 photographer + 1 visual artist) will be awarded a $2,500 Exhibition Grant following the official MESH Exhibition Winners Announcement. Both grants are proudly sponsored by the Vancouver based Buschlen Mowatt Nichol Foundation supporting FotoFilmic exhibitions since 2016. 


For the first time FotoFilmic invites not only photographers but also all visual artists to submit work.

PHOTOGRAPHY: all contemporary genres of analog & film photography are accepted including but not limited to straight photography, documentary photography, narrative photography, conceptual photography, experimental photography, lensless & camera-less photography across a wide range of material media such as film of any type and in any format, paper (calotypes, paper negatives or any other coated fiber media), glass (collodion processes such as wet plates, dry plates, ambrotypes, tintypes, etc.) and any derivative form of analog photographic capture & imagemaking.

VISUAL ARTS: all contemporary genres of 2-D and 3-D visual art including but not limited to painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, sculpture, installation art, video & filmmaking.

Please note as per FotoFilmic’s mandate that all photography and visual arts works entered must for the most part originate from analogue capture, processes or media (for instance as the first utterance of the work). This however doesn’t mean a digitization step further down the artists’ production strategies cannot occur: FotoFilmic is well aware of today’s complex, often highly hybridized art production standards and will thus gladly accept artworks and photography entries with a digital component to them. A simple way to think about work eligibility for MESH is to have material media predominate overall your art process.

Photographic and visual artists of all nations aged 18+ are invited to submit their best projects to the MESH Call for Entries. Please email at for any work eligibility question.


Extended deadline: The deadline to enter MESH is MARCH 10, 2019 at Midnight, Pacific Standard Time.


MESH Call (Early bird submissions)
Dec.31, 2018, Midnight PST

MESH Call (Regular Submission Fees):

Jan.1 – March 10, 2019, Midnight PST

March – May, 2019: Curators review entries. 

Early June 2019: MESH SHORTLIST announcement revealing the names of the 20 selected artists to be considered for the final exhibition step. 

Mid June 2019: MESH Winners announcement revealing the names of the two final photography and Visual arts exhibitors. Each MESH Winner will also be subject of a feature FotoFilmic FILM TALKS interview publication to be conducted over the summer months.

Spring 2020: MESH EXHIBITION opening reception.
Exact Venue & Dates TBA in the fall of 2020.


© Background Photo Credit –  Julie Weber, from the book and series “Remnants”