June 10, 2016 FotoFilmic

PRINTSHOP NEWS: FotoFilmic’16 SPRING SHORTLIST Collection now shipping everywhere!

Available for the next 365 days are 60 additional Gallery C-Prints from 20 FotoFilmic’16 SPRING SHORTLIST photographers (in alphabetical order): Alastair Bartlett (Woodbridge, UK), Casey Roger Bennett (Williams Lake BC, Canada), Carlotta Cominetti (Paris, France), Charles Mintz (Cleveland OH, USA), Carson Reeher (Williamsburg VA, USA), Dan Gemkow (Chicago IL, USA), Frank Machalowski (Leipzig, Germany), Fionnbharr Ó Súilleabháín (Maputo, Mozambique), James Cooper(Petaluma CA, USA), Jesse Koechling (Brooklyn NY, USA), Joel Stevenett (Vancouver BC, Canada),Lydia Panas (Kutztown PA, USA), Melanie Eclare (Totnes, UK), Nick Williams (Sydney, Australia),Pierre Ollier (Paris, France), Ryan Gould (Santa Barbara CA, USA), Simon Deadman (Perth, Australia),Samantha Sealy (Norwich CT, USA), Tina Bauer (Vienna, Austria) and Tamsen Wojtanowski(Pittsburgh PA, USA).

FotoFilmic is proud and privileged to have the opportunity to further promote and diffuse some of these artists best recent works and invites the global collecting & arts loving community to explore this new international wealth of talent and engage the future excellence of 21st C. photography today by acquiring one or several of Limited Editions photographs from the 2016 SHORTLIST Collection! With a third final SUMMER photographers intake still awaiting next month, the SHORTLIST Collection currently offers 120 works from 40 FotoFilmic’16 photographers as well as 41 others from 16 FotoFilmic’15 photographers.

All images presented have been produced either on film (from 35mm to all medium and larger film formats) or using various analog/historical processes such as wet plate & tintype, Calotype, Lith darkroom printing to name just a few. Each print produced is output with LightJet technology andchemically processed for a true, traditional continuous-tone photographic aesthetic, is embossed with the FotoFilmic Foundation seal and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity  bearing the photographer’s hand signature.

Individual sales directly support photographers providing them financial backing to maintain their independent practice and keep developing new significant works for the months to come. Start supporting exciting, up-and-coming contemporary photography talent today with free worldwide standard shipping at: