Alexandra Hugues | Gateshead, UK

Short bio….
Alexandra Hughes’s practice explores photographic processes and materials, examining thresholds of time and place.
Collage on Film (2012) is created through analogue photography. The photographs are captured through handmade masks placed inside the camera body, between the lens and film. Hughes (b.1982 Canada) is based in the UK. Hughes completed her MFA at Slade School of Fine Art, UK (2008), and her BA Hons Photography at University College Falmouth, UK (2004) and has exhibited widely.

You shoot film because….
It is a physical material holding the record of light and time, which it is intrinsic to the ideas within Collage on Film; bringing together disparate moments on to the surface of one frame of film as one record. I also shoot on film for it reveals and makes apparent the subtle, rich qualities of light, colour and forms in existence (more than digital could achieve). And because film when processed sometimes shows unexpected results, allowing mistakes and experiments to take a life of their own.

Your photography feels like…
Contemplations. I can draw a relationship to Haiku poetry, through the attempt to chronicle the essence of a moment in which nature is linked to human life. Creating a feeling and contemplation for the tension between universal elements, such as movement and stillness, change and continuance, time and timelessness, nature and humanity.