Alice Zoo | London, UK

Short bio:
I am a self-taught documentary photographer working exclusively with analogue processes (excluding my phone which I love shooting with as a kind of sketchbook). I began shooting on holidays, and then moved to street photography as a way of participating more fully with my surroundings. Every journey became the potential backdrop for a photographic story – even a journey to Tesco. At present, I use my work to learn more about the world, and to document things I find beautiful or challenging.

Why do you photograph on film?
Partly stubbornness, as it’s the way I learned; but mainly, I love the discipline that shooting film instils. There can be no distractions. I have to engage completely with what’s happening in front of my lens, making sure the elements are composed as I want them, before pressing the button, moving on and forgetting about the frame I just shot to engage completely with the next. For that reason, I feel like film brings an authenticity to my work that it would lack were I to shoot digitally.

What is your work about?
My work is about humans, our dynamism, our interactions and our fierce resilience. Recently I have become fascinated with notions of celebration; our ritualised attempts at happiness (birthdays, funfairs, holidays) and, often, the failure to keep the world and its sadnesses at bay. Despite this, we keep showing up, and trying to enjoy ourselves and love one another. This noble and poignant struggle – the humanness in us all – and the hustle and bustle along the way are what drives my work.