Andrius Sidlauskas | Vilnius, Lithuania

Short bio:
41 years old man from small country Lithunia with full of changes. I start shooting in about 2007 just on film and Polaroids, mostly on expired.

Why do you photograph on film?
Now i still don’t have a digital camera, just mobile phone 🙂 i like lo-fi style, softness and unexpected result, process and daintiness, be not professional in this conceited world where everyone can be “master” in everything 🙂 Like to try new things, on travel shooting countries with old cameras made in that countries. I do not like collect cameras, i like to use them. All of my cameras 100% “tested” with film, if they “sick” or “death” they goes to local repair shop and come back to me.

What is your work about?
this set in square format – like alliance from my lo-fi style on expired films with today everyday used Instagram.