Armenoui Kasparian Saraidari | London, UK

Short bio:
I am a PhD Candidate at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London and an AHRC Fellow at the Library of Congress, Washington DC. I have been exhibited by the CRASSH of Cambridge University, the Christie’s in London and the Pingyao International Photography Festival2014 in China. I have collaborated in photographic research programmes with the Photography Department of Westminster College, Goldsmiths and Falmouth University. I have been nominated for the Nova Award and Future Map.

Why do you photograph on film?
I am interested in the materiality of photography and photographic archives. Through the analysis of the representation and materiality of the archives my work interrogates the way in which materiality impacts on memory, postmemory, trauma and forgetting. I work with 120mm negative and 8mm possitive B&W film. Film allows me to use hands-on processes to re-form the archival material through a variety of material qualities and by experimenting with scale, transparency, texture, and grain.

What is your work about?
My practice focuses on photographic archives, memory, postmemory and trauma. I am interested in photography and its use as a referent that bares witness to the Armenian Genocide and Diaspora. My practice draws upon photographic and filmmaking methodologies and aims to examine the purpose, creation, use, distribution and collection of photographs through time and create new insights on the individual stories that lie beneath the archival images.