Paris, France




I am a young French photographer who graduated from the “EFET” photography school in Paris and who specializes in the black-and-white medium, which it recently turns out is a passion of mine. My film-based practice allows me to be more creative than just the push of a button and involves the use of my own hands marking and scarring both negatives and prints, which I find so pleasurable.

Artist Statement:

This series squarely centers on a very complicated and hard to understand,  often taboo disease: epilepsy. An epileptic myself I attempt to describe my viewpoint on the condition and also translate the feelings I have when it all starts.
There’s not one epilepsy, it can vary widely for different epileptics, being a soft condition or a very hard one. For instance back when I wasn’t stabilized I would do one seizure every 6 months, while some other epileptics can experience as many as 10 seizures per day or more.
The work also stands to contradict the fact that epileptics are also sometimes considered like freaks.

Practice Statement: How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?

To me photographing on film is a creative process that I think, when pushed beyond just the simple clicking of a button, can be very similar to that of painters. For it feeds the need to constantly experiment and make multiple attempts before getting anything remotely good as a result, which in return is more unique and authentic, something very dear to me as an artist.