Bertrand Cavalier | Bruxelles, Belgium

Short bio:
Bertrand Cavalier is a French photographer living in Belgium since 2012 and founder of the photographers collective, La Grotte. His images provide us the behind the scenes images of the tourist snaps that are disseminated by postcards in order to glorify the beauty of a virgin and natural landscape. The photographs archive the remains of an environment invaded by theme parklike construction sites. His work was recently exhibited at ManifestO and La Jeune Création (Toulouse, Paris).

Why do you photograph on film?
Beyond the image quality and the slow process, I really enjoy the fact that when I’m photographing I can’t see my photographs. It results by a doubt feeling which helps me to go further in my thought.

What is your work about?
Seasonal, 2012-15, focuses on the use of the mountain landscape. Victims of mass tourism, forests are converted into skiing area in the winter and golf course in the summer. During the summer season, the ski lifts become obsolete while the resorts appear as real amusement park, aiming primarily the containment of the visitors. At that living era that we care about snowy mountains for holidays, Seasonal suggests the impact of our activity and the line between consumption and overconsumption.