Chun Hei Che | Hong Kong

Short bio:
I am a 24-year-old university student at the School of Creative Media of the City University of Hong Kong, specifying on cinematic art. I have started film photography for half a year.

Why do you photograph on film?
Film photography trains my sense of decision on the right time when the films are not like memory cards. Thirty-six frames for a roll of film just occupy a little space in memory card. And films are arbitrary from its texture and the color tune. More importantly,we never have a look on the works until they are developed. The feeling while I am looking forward to the development seldom happens with digital photography.

What is your work about?
My work is both about landscape and street photography and about my city, Hong Kong. In fact, I like to incorporate the element of human being in my works of street photography, even though there is no human in the frame .