Daniel Ali | London, UK

Short bio:
Daniel Ali (b. 1985, lives in London) is a fine art documentary photographer who completed his BA and MA between 2005 – 2010. Daniel also works as a freelance camera operator and assistant in film making and video production as well as working as a film and digital projectionist.

Why do you photograph on film?
The main reason I photograph on film is because it limits my options which allows me to concentrate on the frame forcing me to control lighting and composition in the shot rather then adapting settings on a camera to match the scene. It basically allows me more time with my subjects and environments allowing me to really consider how I am representing what is in front of the lens. Second to that I like the quality and texture film gives in comparison to digital.

What is your work about?
Daniel’s photography documents various lives, environments and cultures around the world. He displays staged portraits in direct juxtaposition to straight documentary imagery, in doing so offers alternative perceptions about these individuals allowing the viewer to engage in a familiar topic with the aim or presenting new interpretations. At the forefront of Daniel’s photography is an attempt to represent the individual outside of circumstance.