Gerrit Hahn | Berlin, Germany

Short bio:
Living in Johannesburg and Berlin at the moment, I am mainly working on documentary photography and film projects. I am a self – taught photographer and have been working as a freelancer in advertising and editorial photography for about 10 years now. I was born 1979 in a small town in Germany and started to develop my creative work as a teenager. Photography is a great tool for me to communicate with the people that I meet and portrait.

Why do you photograph on film?
I started to work as a photographer before there was any digital camera available – film is where I come from. Pretty soon I entered the digital workflows of course, but for certain personal projects I still prefer shooting on film, especially with a medium format camera. It produces a great quality in terms of the workflow – you need to take your time and to be quite concentrated.

What is your work about?
This series of blurred portraits is a part of a documentary work about sexual violence in South Africa. They have been taken in 2013 in Johannesburg and show perpetrators of domestic and / or sexual violence. For different aspects I have chosen to use blurred pictures as a stylistic device. One is that I wanted this work to be not judgmental. They also reflect the blurred pictures that many men in South Africa carry of themselves and of their gender roles.