Jack Latham | Cardiff, UK

Short Bio….
I’m a Welsh photographer based in Brighton. I’ve recently finished studying BA (hons) Documentary Photography in Newport. My academic year marked the 100th year of Photography being studied at Newport. My work focuses on more conceptual subject matter and is often presented in form by using large format photography (10×8) and self-published books. Since graduating I’ve contributed to FT Magazine, Oftheafternoon, BJP and the photography lecture series Miniclick.

You should film because…
I shoot on film because it allows me to create something physical. It also allows me to work slowly which is a novelty in the modern day.

Your photography feels like…
A lot of my work is about the interaction I have with people. Along with the size of my camera the fact it is made of wood is always a starting point for when I make pictures of people. It allows us to both experience something new. Shooting large format also enables me to really stare at a persons eyes before I take the picture. Something both them and I would be uncomfortable with using any other medium.