Laidric Stevenson | Dallas TX, USA

Short bio…

Received my first camera at 10, thought I might be a photojournalist at one point.
I thought I was too good to be a gopher for my local newspaper when I was in high school
got into financial trouble in college, so I didn’t have time to intern
have been working jobs that I don’t like to be able to shoot.

You shoot film because…

I love the cameras, love the process. Tried digital seriously for 3 years, I grew technically as a photographer, but I was missing something.
I missed my old film cameras
I missed the smell of opening a canister of 35mm or unwrapping a roll of 120
I missed developing my own black and white film in my bathroom sink
I came back to what I love, never to make the mistake of leaving it again…

Your photography feels like…

sentence fragments to an overall novel that never will be completed..