Michael Dietrich | Vienna, Austria

Short bio:
Michael is a self taught photographer born (1985), living and working in Vienna, Austria. His work reflects colored light sources, shadows, shapes, lines, architecture, all from public space and urban infrastructure. It is a walk across cities searching for geometric, structures and composition. Abandoned places or overlooked venues by citizens get focused and captured. His work got featured by Independent Art zines and Companies.

Why do you photograph on film?
I get my ideas mostly before falling asleep. To convert my conceptions it is very important first to select the correct film. The kodak portra 400 is the most selected film in my works, as i like the vivid colors and grain. I think that through photography on film objects are more in focus, view and settings for the camera take an important role to capture the images. It feels special to be outside in the woods or urban facilities to wait for the perfect light.

What is your work about?
My submitted work is called “Landleben auf Sylt”. I photographed the abandoned infrastructure of the idyllic environment. Most of the places i drove by with my medium format camera looked silent and sometimes it’s so quiet, it is as if the island itself is asleep. The LORAN-C antenna had a stunning moment for myself. It is used for communication and navigation purposes in aviation. Its the only station located in Germany.