Michael Marcinek | Salt Lake City UT, USA

Short bio…

Michael Marcinek was born in the suburbs of New York in 1976. In the time since he has lived in many places, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, California and is currently residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is looking forward to relocating to Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and their many pets this summer. He recently graduated from the University of Utah with a B.F.A in Photography and his worked has appeared in many national publications and group exhibitions.

You shoot film because…

To create images on film requires real presence; something tangible must exist in front of the camera for the picture to be made. Film photography requires chemistry for the alchemic cycle to be completed and for the image to be fixed permanently on the substrate. Yet, even with all of this absoluteness, the photographs themselves are shifting interpretations– fragments that form beautiful works of fiction. What remains for us to see is a beautiful paradox– a quantum reflection of vision.

Your photography feels like...

A strive for balance.
A need for reflection and meditation.
An obsession for questions without answers.
A desire to distill the vastness of the world before me into finely crafted sentences.