Nick Williams | Sydney, Australia

Short bio:
Nick Williams was born in 1988 and currently lives in Sydney, Australia. As a self taught photographer, his work has been exhibited and published both nationally and internationally.

Why do you photograph on film?
I shoot film for a number of reasons. I love the whole process. The slowness of it all. From loading a roll of film to picking up your negatives from the lab. The dynamic range of film is amazing. Once I started shooting medium format I have never looked back. Besides, these old cameras are so beautiful to work with, and they are true workhorses.

What is your work about?
I’m interested in how man interacts with the natural landscape. And how we as humans can change the landscape and how the landscape can change us. I hope my works sparks a sense of wanderlust with the viewer so they too can venture out and experience the beauty of the natural world.