Jesi, Italy



Renato Gasperini is an italian documentary and fine art photographer whose current objective is landscape photography and urban landscape.
In 2012 he studied with the photographer Guido Guidi at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna. This was a turning point a his photography. After that he attended workshops with Cesare Fabbri, Gerry Johansson, Michele Cera, William Guerrieri, Peter Fraser and he participated in some photographic campaigns to document different areas and cities of Italy.
He participated in several solo and group exhibitions

Artist Statement:

For some years now I have traveled the land where I live in all seasons of the year.
This is a land made of natural landscapes and urban landscapes, countryside and small historical centers, cities, industry: a narrow and long strip that goes from the mountains to the sea.
I love this land and I love to turn it around to document it. I like to discover it calmly and photograph it. I like to insert myself in the folds of its contradictions and find something new every time. I like to look for its traditions and to document how they evolved, how they accepted change.

Practice Statement: How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?

I use the film mainly in medium and long term projects and personal research.
I love the film because it allows me to take a slow, thoughtful, reflective photograph and therefore a greater contact with the subject.
I think it is very important not to immediately see the shot because it helps to maintain the focus on the subject and forces us to understand if other shots are necessary, based on direct vision and memory of what we have just taken.
I also think that waiting for time before you can see the result often gives new surprises in front of the auditions.