Shanghai, China

RUYA QIAN (Shanghai, China)



Ruya Qian, artist , based in Shanghai, China. Born in Suzhou. Studied in Shanghai Jiaotong University for BA and San Francisco Art Institute for MFA in Photography. Usually working on mediums such as photography,  videos, installations and ceramics. Finalist of Three Shadows’ Photography Award 2016. 2017 Lensculture “Power” online exhibition. Works got exhibited in many cities in China and in the US.

Artist Statement:

“Are you watching my body” —-self-portraits (2017– )

This is a new self-portraiture project. After school, I need to make a living and do some jobs, the older I get more obviously I felt that, at least where I am now, it is not very female friendly.
After a 30 mins job interview, the interviewer said “Great, you are so qualified for this job and I love your works, but unfortunately we want a male employee.” During an live interview from a local art media, they asked “ Would you stop making nude photos if your mother-in-law ask you to do so after you get married?” “Damn no guys will dare to date you, this is so aggressive!” a filmmaker friend said this after being told that I will have a whole back tattoo in a small chat. “As long as you are taking female nudes, it’s sexual.” After I told one art collector that some of my works are not about sex and gender at all, he still insisted.
These interesting incidents gave me a new aspect for my works by trying to disturb these points of views. Instant film will be main media in this project but meanwhile I’m also developing videos and installations to combine with the analog pictures.
Are you watching my body? Then watch carefully.

Practice Statement: How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?

As in my other self-portrait projects, the process of the making is more important for me. I feel inner peace and fulfillment while taking photos again and again to get the right one. Also the solid feeling of the actual film makes me feel secure.
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