Los Angeles, USA




Sinziana Velicescu is a photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Comparative Literature and Film.

Her photography explores human intervention with nature in landscapes that have undergone political, social, or environmental change. Appropriating architectural vocabulary, Velicescu disrupts everyday topography via careful composition to develop an elegant and humorous narrative to tell the story of place.

Artist Statement:

“A Tree Grows In..” is an observation of flora growing in unusual urban environments. Often times they are comical landscaping choices intended to beautify otherwise unappealing industrial or commercial spaces. At the intersection of the natural and man-made, the plants seem to find their own unique personalities against the constraints of the concrete spaces.

Practice Statement: How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?

I have always known film. Digital is nice for precision and ease of use but film is the pensive, meditative sister – it allows me to slow down my otherwise busy lifestyle, wait for a moment, wander until I see the perfect image, and capture it with a big loud click.