Thanos Kostikos | Thessaloniki, Greece

Short bio:
Born in Thessaloniki in 1978. Graduated from Aristotle University Law School in 2002 and since then have lived and worked in Thessaloniki. Have been involved in photography for the last four years, regularly attending seminars at the Photographic School STEREOSIS. Participated in several exhibitions. Photographs presented here are part of a work in progress entitled “Going away is coming back”.

Why do you photograph on film?
The two main reasons are: a) It gives me a secure sense of self-discipline and b) I love my analog camera, the smell of the film and the sound of my scanner.

What is your work about?
Fleeting on the spur of the moment and aimlessly wandering mainly around the sub-urban landscape may unfold into an exciting experience, especially when the unexpected is just around the corner, objects or situations that are there to astound you. The journey as an end in itself, emanates for me a – even slight – sense of timelessness and true freedom. At the same time that very process keeps me bound to an incessant recollection. Every image is presented as something completely new yet it functions as an ever present memory. Thus, the initial promise of freedom is forever unfulfilled, time triumphs again and every flight finally becomes a return to the self.