Brooklyn NY, USA




Titus Frelinghuysen grew up between New York City and the north of Scotland. He received a B.A. in Photography from Bard College. He works as a photographer and videographer in New York.

Artist Statement:

These images are all from an in-progress project I started in New England during the summer of 2017. I grew up riding dirtbikes on a farm in Western Massachusetts, but last year marked my first race. Even as a spectator the track is taxing. The drone of engines is incessant. The smoke from the engines revving at the starting line obscures the sun and stinks. Dust finds its way into your mouth and eyes. They ride for half an hour at a time, chugging Pedialyte between runs to fight of dehydration. I found victory and defeat in the faces of the riders, transformed by the dirt of the trail and the exhaustion of their efforts. It is a solitary and hazardous sport, a way for young men to prove themselves by facing danger in a culture increasingly concerned with safety.

Practice Statement: How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?

I choose to use film for two main reasons. First, it forces me to slow down and think about the photograph. Film is a limitation, and creation thrives on limitations. Second, I like the ritualistic aspects of film: loading, processing, cutting and sleeving. Having a physical remnant of my work, being able to touch an image, makes it that much more satisfying.

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