PULP #01

October 1-31, 2016 (extended)

 EXHIBITORS (alphabetical order)

Russel Bailey (United States), Giulia Berto (Italy/United States), Preschelle Ann Bigueras (Philippines/United Arab Emirates), Rebecca Cairns (Canada/UK), Sabrina Chin (United States), Dan Gemkow (United States), Mark Hannah (United States), Julie McCarthy (United States), Pessons Vest (UK), Allison Watkins (United States)




thibodeaux_brandon_pBrandon Thibodeaux (b. 1981) was raised in Beaumont, Texas. His photography career began at a small daily newspaper in southeast Texas while studying photography at Lamar University. He now resides in Dallas, where he freelances for clients like, Bloomberg Markets, the FT Weekend Magazine, Monocle, The New York Times, Shell Oil and The Wall Street Journal, among others.  He is a member of the photography collective MJR, based in New York City.  His work in the Mississippi Delta has been recognized by American Photo Magazine, PDN, and the Oxford American lists him as one of their 100 Under 100, New Superstars of Southern Art 2012.  He received the Critical Mass Top 50 Solo Show Award. He is the 2014 recipient of the Michael P. Smith Fund For Documentary Photography Grant and a Lens Culture Exposure Award 2014 Finalist and 2016 Palm Spring Portfolio Review Prize recipient.

Learn more about Brandon’s photographic practice & connect with him below:
Website: http://www.brandonthibodeaux.com/

Instagram: @brandonthibodeaux
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Russel Bailey (United States)

Rebecca Cairns (Canada/UK)

Allison Watkins (United States)

Congratulations to all 3 photographers for each winning 1 complimentary exhibition entry to the FOTOFILMIC17 Traveling Exhibition & PhotoBook Call for Entries!

Below from left to right are the mated exhibition prints from:
Russel Bailey | Rebecca Cairns| Allison Watkins

These 3 original signed artist prints are also available for sale as part of the PULP Collection.

Russel Bailey (Laramie, WY, United States)
Plastic Bag, 2010
6×6 Medium Format Black-and-White Negative

Rebecca Cairns (Montreal, QC, Canada/London, UK)
New Skin, 2015
6×6 Medium Format Black-and-White Negative

Alison Watkins (San Francisco, CA, United States)
Reilluminate #9, 2015
6×9 Medium Format Color Negative