September 9, 2016 FotoFilmic

A week has already passed since the opening of the first FotoFilmic retrospective exhibition in Boise on September 1st and we’re happy to report on a great success all around between multiple one-on-one critiques with talented graduate art students (combining photography, textile, sculpture, painting, screen printing and intermedia), a one-hour talk and Q&A on the state of contemporary analogue photography, the opening reception itself of “The New Face of Film” exhibition at the Visual Arts Center, and finally the latest iteration of our popular 8×10 instant film portraiture workshop in collaboration with The Impossible Project!

All that time spent at Boise State University along with all the people we met there from faculty to student to staff convinced us BSU is indeed a rare gem of a university (at least from a visual artist/photographer perspective). The art department boasts great facilities including a large, well-equipped wet darkroom and a truly active, creatively engaging faculty as witnessed through our FILM TALKS interview of photo prof. Jon Sadler. Add to that one of the most lush, nature-centric and scenic campus settings we’ve seen in a long time running along the Boise river, a right-sized, easy to get to and artistically fast growing downtown core just nearby and the many charms of Boise start to coalesce into one really appealing lifestyle picture. Wondering outside Boise opens unlimited traveling, landscape hunting and outdoors possibilities with virtually all other major western cities like Portland, Salt Lake, Boulder, Seattle and San Francisco only a 6-8 hour drive away making Idaho’s largest city the central hub of the wild, wild West. Before leaving we also went to one of Idaho City’s many hot springs (there are hundreds in the region) and had a blast sipping wine while being gently boiled by nature, looking at the open mountainous horizon. What else is there, really?

For now please enjoy this first exhibition look around as well as our new 8×10 gallery all shot by BSU students, alumni and faculty as well as regional photographers, and if you’re in for some Idaho goodness you have until Friday, October 21st to come check out “The New Face of Film” show and its 20 international film-based photographers!

Before we go we want to extend our biggest thanks to BSU’s Visual Arts Center Gallery Director Kirsten Furlong and BSU’s Art Department Graduate Program Director Chad Erpelding who both have devoted plenty of their time, expertise and enthusiasm to make this new academic venture possible! They’re also amazing practicing artists in their own right, so don’t hesitate checking them out or connecting with them: