JUNE 27-28, 2020 

For over two decades now Ed and Deanna Templeton’s acclaimed  work has given voice to a kind of photographic art powerfully unique, some may say even ‘pure’, within the contemporary landscape. All its own and doubly entangled, first in the fused eye of their intimate relationship, then in the raw and dynamic backdrop of skate culture and street art, their photography lives freely and reconnects us instinctively to the core motivation and excitement lying at the very heart of the medium: the emotional unveiling of the world immediately around us, and the making of images that express the fundamental difficulty of being in this world, from teenagehood through adulthood and beyond.

Widely recognized as icons of West Coast counterculture today (they’ve been calling Huntington Beach home for a long time), Ed and Deanna have published nearly two dozen books between them and held major solo exhibitions at prestigious museums around the world, most recently showing the new work “Tangents” at Nils Staerk, Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Realizing Chance” is their first workshop collaboration and we couldn’t be more excited and grateful to welcome them both to our beautiful Pacific Northwest quarters comes June! Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to – as a literal wink to their photography – further realize yours and engage in a passionate conversation on photography unlike any other: send your free application (no cost to apply) to take part by March 15 to save and take advantage of our early bird rebate! Keep scrolling to learn more about Ed and Deanna’s unique workshop program this summer!

© Cover image: © Ed Templeton, Boy Watches Graffiti, Barcelona, 2012, from the book Wayward Cognitions (Um Yeah Arts, 2014)

© Ed Templeton, Brighton Beach, UK, 2016

© Ed Templeton, Paris France billboard eyes woman, 2003

© Deanna Templeton, Tess (2008-15), from the book The Swimming Pool (2016, Um Yeah Arts)

© Deanna Templeton, Woman OC Fair, 2008


Ed Templeton (born 1972 Lives and works in Huntington Beach, CA) – A respected cult figure in the subculture of skateboarding, his paintings, photographs, drawings, and mixed-media installations take their inspiration from the subculture he is a part of and the suburban environment he lives in. Templeton is also a two-time world-champion professional skateboarder, and the founder/creator of Toy Machine skateboard company. His work has been shown at MOCA, Los Angeles, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, S.M.A.K. Museum, Belgium, Bonnefanten Museum, Netherlands, Kunsthalle, Vienna, Pier 24 Photography Museum, San Francisco, and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, UK. His work is included in the LACMA permanent collection. Over 15 books of his work have been published.

Deanna Templeton (born 1969) is an American photographer based in Southern California. Her first major photographic essay focused on the activities of young skateboarding and surfing fans who would have their idols autograph various body parts and the evolution of these body decorations over the years. The work from this series made up a monograph titled  “Scratch my Name on your Arm” published by the Schunck Museum, Netherlands, 2011. Her second photo essay and monograph “The Swimming Pool” was an 8-year project that focused on underwater nudes published by Um Yeah Arts, 2016. Both have been widely exhibited and collected in the US, Europe and Asia. She is currently working on new two new projects. One is portraits of young women combined with her own teenage diaries and ephemera, and another is a documentary exploration of the suburban coastal city she lives in. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Juxtapoz, Wonderland, 10, and Badlands 777 magazines among many others. She is represented by Little Big Man Gallery in Los Angeles, and Fifty One Fine Art in Antwerp, Belgium.


10:00-5:00pm both days

Come pick the brains of Ed and Deanna Templeton in this exclusive weekend workshop.

Both artists will present detailed insights into their work, the creation of books and exhibitions, and experiences working individually and together and the role embracing chance has played in their lives. Emphasis will be placed on their recent book projects, how they were conceived, executed, and realized both intellectually and practically. They will also share sneak peeks into future projects, and reveal their methods for shooting, editing and sequencing a body of work.

Constructive reviews of participants portfolios will follow. Each participant will receive personalized attention and feedback intended to help you evolve, elevate, and achieve the goals you have with your work.


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