April 16, 2018 FotoFilmic

Unlike last year’s 3 separate 10-photographer  WINTER, SPRING & SUMMER SHORTLIST SHOWS (allowed by the longer 6-month call period), FOTOFILMIC18 this year brings a single 12-photographer SHORTLIST GROUP SHOW designed to celebrate the whole of the freshly completed 90-photographer SHORTLIST following a most intensive 4-month international curation.

As the exhibition jury soon assembles to begin its collective reviewal of all selected artists to designate the 30 final FOTOFILMIC18 exhibitors to be presented in San Francisco, Seoul and Vancouver next year, FotoFilmic is pleased to make its own original FOTOFILMIC18 curatorial debut with the inaugural SHORTLIST SHOW, an open themed conceptual shorthand favoring narrative connections through the human form as both grounded and abstract on view at the FotoFilmic//PULP Gallery in Vancouver from June 1st through July 15!

(alphabetical order)

  1. Florian Bong-Kil Grosse (Berlin, Germany) [ SHORTLIST II ]
  2. Peter Croteau (Philadephia, PA, USA) [ SHORTLIST III ]
  3. Clara de Tezanos (Guatemala City, Guatemala) [ SHORTLIST I ]
  4. Marcello Galvani (Ravenna, Italy) [ SHORTLIST III ]
  5. Benjamin Hampson (London, UK) [ SHORTLIST I ]
  6. Sayuri Ichida (Brooklyn, NY, USA/Japan) [ SHORTLIST I ]
  7. Margaret Lansink (West Graftdijk, Netherlands) [ SHORTLIST II ]
  8. Giannis Manolis (Thessaloniki, Greece) [ SHORTLIST III ]
  9. Bradley Marshall (Johnson City, TN, USA) [ SHORTLIST II ]
  10. Sarah Pfohl (Greencastle, IN, USA) [ SHORTLIST II ]
  11. Michalis Poulas (Sitia, Crete, Greece) [ SHORTLIST I ]
  12. ii Yuzu (Seoul, South Korea) [ SHORTLIST I ]

Congrats to all exhibitors, we look forward to a great showing this summer!

SHORTLIST SHOW photographers will be contacted on an individual basis with detailed information on how to forward their selected work to FotoFilmic. Please also note participation to the SHORTLIST SHOW does not warrant selection to the FOTOFILMIC18 TRAVELING EXHIBITION: the exhibition jury is entirely independent from this selection and might recommend an entirely different roaster of artists.