The 2nd FotoFilmic exhibition first opened in Vancouver at the Back Gallery Project (Oct 3-19, 2014) and then traveled to Los Angeles opening at dnj Gallery (Jan 17-31, 2015). A 10 best-in-show edition also opened in New York at the Lomography Gallery in April 2015. The jury was composed of the following artists and curators: Mark Steinmetz (Athens GA, United States), Pamela Shoenberg (Los Angeles CA, United States), Alejandro Cartagena (Monterrey, Mexico), Nathalie Daoust (Montreal, Canada), Aglae Bory (Paris, France) & Anne Lass (Berlin, Germany).


Cronin_Matthew_2Matthew Cronin | United States 1st PLACE BEAU PHOTO PRIZE & LOMOGRAPHY WINNER

Amoyel_Pascal_05Pascal Amoyel | France 2nd PLACE FOTOFILMIC PRIZE & LOMOGRAPHY WINNER

Diener_Barbara_04Barbara Diener | United States 3rd PLACE FOTOFILMIC PRIZE & LOMOGRAPHY WINNER

2013_0800_D_MN 001Ethan Jones | United States 4th PLACE LOMOGRAPHY & ADOX HONORABLE MENTION

vanderlinden_s_01Stijn Van Der Linden | Belgium 5th PLACE LOMOGRAPHY & ADOX HONORABLE MENTION

Svyatogor_Masha-09Masha Svyatogor | Belarus

Martisor_Untitled01Lucas Olivet | Switzerland

Greenberg_Roei_061Roei Greenberg | Israel

segasby_stephen09Stephen Segasby | UK

Thomas_Bouquin_2Thomas Bouquin | Canada

28360005-copyChun Hei Che | Hong Kong

Alexander_MissenAlexander Missen | UK

john_hathaway_11John Hathaway | United States

Barnes_Allison_3Allison Barnes | United States

stallard_melissa_3Melissa Stallard | United States

lanning_mark_04Mark Lanning | United States

Evangelista_Ignacio_01Ignacio Evangelista | Spain

winter73 001Ke Peng | United States

Piper_Juliet_03Juliet Piper | UK

Jordi_Huisman_006Jordi Huisman | The Netherlands

Susan_BarnettsSusan Barnett | United States

Tsagkarakis_Marinos_04Marinos Tsagkarakis | Greece

Laura_Lodoe_2Lodoe Laura | Canada

Ervin_Jen04Jen Ervin | United States

Eroshenko_Anna_04Anna Eroshenko | United States

chmielewska_asia_4Asia Chmielewska | Spain

Bouchaib_Charles_09Charles Bouchaib |France

jumper 007Rachel Jump | United States

veraswater 001Jillian Freyer | United States

brown_shawne_08Shawne Brown | United States