Like it or not, summer is soon coming to a close! Back-to-school times are often both stressful and exciting, bringing renewed anticipation for learning and taking on new projects, be they academic, artistic, or just plain life related. At FotoFilmic we’ve been working hard all along to make this fall a special one filled with only the latter, starting with the publication next month of the second JRNL Issue presenting 12 more analog photographers coming from the US, the UK, Denmark, Australia, Latvia and Italy under the expert curatorial  flair of Rachel & Gregory Barker, the visionary duet behind the highly respected STANLEY/BARKER publishing house!

GUEST EDITORS: Rachel and Gregory Barker, Founders of STANLEY/BARKER

Rachel Barker is a photographer who studied at Central Saint Martins; Gregory Barker is an editor who studied at The London College of Communication. In 2014 they founded STANLEY/BARKER, a publishing house based in the English countryside with the philosophy of  combining design and content as closely as possible to make truly original books. In the first five years STANLEY/BARKER has collaborated with artists such as Bill Henson, Tod Papageorge and Mark Steinmetz to publish some of the most celebrated books of the decade.



JRNL 2 PHOTOGRAPHERS (alphabetical order)

  1. Sabrina Caramanico (Chieti, Italy)
  2. Matthew Dunne (Melbourne, Australia)
  3. Tealia Ellis Ritter (Woodbury, CT, USA)
  4. Julia Gillard (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
  5. Naomi Goddard (Southampton, UK)
  6. Gary Green (Waterville, ME, USA)
  7. Ruta Kalmuka (Riga, Latvia)
  8. Jonathan Lieb (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  9. Ioana Marinca (London, UK/Romania)
  10. Brian McSwain (Boynton Beach, FL, USA)
  11. Jamie Murray (Bristol, UK)
  12. Lindley Warren Mickunas (Chicago, IL, USA)

Special congratulations to London-based Romanian photographer Ioana Marinca for being awarded the second JRNL front & back covers! Ioana Marinca uses photography as a visual diary of sort, focusing on street and documentary genres, and exploring the notion of “home”. She is particularly interested in trying to understand what makes a country welcoming and what it means to “belong”.


Winners Announcement: Monday, August 26, 2019
Going to press: Mid to late September, 2019
Print copies mailed & available online: late September – early October, 2019

Top Image © Ioana Marinca, ‘Maramures, 2018’, JRNL Issue 2 Cover