Perth, Australia

BORIS MILAS (Perth, Australia)



Self taught photographer born in 1977 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, living in Australia since 1996.

Artist Statement:


This project reflects my constant internal struggle of belonging and loneliness. Being a refugee, I’m always stretched between two places, heart is in one, body and mind in other. Photography helps me bring these two closer together.
Everything that I knew was taken away from me overnight and now I’m searching for fragments of my past in unfamiliar places. I found myself most comfortable in these very ordinary mundane places and finding beauty in them is what inspires me to go ahead. Somehow they make me feel good about being lonely. Every time I frame the shot I feel like I belong in that place and each of them is one more piece of my new home.
In this ever changing world a lot of these places will disappear and replaced with something new, I want to preserve them so my home doesn’t collapse.

Practice Statement: How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?

I love punk music and film for me is a kind of punk. It’s raw, sometimes unpredictable, gives you surprises, disappoints, not perfect but beautiful, just like life and what better medium to use to document my time here, plus all the beautiful cameras that we get to use.
It helps me see better, helps me choose the subjects that i feel have some kind of a connection to this beautiful thing, this romance, nostalgia and rebellion.