Vancouver, Canada



Camille Valbusa is a Brazilian photographer who merges contemporary and documentary photography to create narratives about social issues and its complexities. After graduating in journalism, she moved to London to do a postgraduate course in photography at London College of Communication and became a full-time photographer. At the moment she is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Artist Statement:

“Movements of the soul” is an ongoing project about my journey on healing from trauma. It’s a collection of portraits that convey feelings of anxiety, anger, detachment, invisibility, and loss. The images attempt to portray the struggles of connecting with my own body. I aim to create a safe space where my body can be free to move without having its expression denied. I invoke the language of soul and movement because both harbor the complex ongoing experience of the self’s unfolding.

Practice Statement: How does photographing on film (or using your material photographic process of predilection) inform your artistic practice?

Photographing on film taught me to detach from the expectations of the final images and to enjoy the process of taking a picture. I stopped idealizing how my images should look like. Through the practice of shooting with film, I was able to create a deep connection between camera, mind, and body – letting them create together. I believe that kind of creative process is only possible when I am not able to see the images while I am shooting so that I’m not able to totally control the direction I am going. Instead of fighting, I let myself be with the camera.