Gerard Boyer | Tarragona, Spain

Short bio…

Gerard Boyer was born in Tarragona on the 27th of July 1974, native of Ametlla de Mar. Computer Engineer, currently finishing studies of art photography at the Arts School of Tarragona’s city. 1st Prize LUX 2011 – Junior category, with the series “Life and death” organized by the Association of Professional Photographers of Spain AFPE. SCAN 2012 Photo International Festival selected with different works.

You shoot film because…

With photography I feel alive. I express myself through it, convey, and tell stories, and this is something I very much enjoy. Photography allows me to express what surrounds me and the feelings in my life. It is a way to find the time to pause and collect what is happening so it is not lost.

Your photography feels like….

My work is closely linked to my life. All of those things close to me, both physically and spiritually are my most intimate work. I usually prefer to shoot stories that happen in different places, experiences close to me. I feel very comfortable capturing the realities of spaces, often empty, in a way as to show absences and the soul of the place.