© Photographs by Allison Corona, Boise State Photographic Services

2013-2015 FotoFilmic Retrospective Exhibition
Visual Arts Center at Boise State University
Sept. 1st – October 21st, 2016

FotoFilmic is excited to launch off its first retrospective exhibition “The New Face of Film” this fall in collaboration with Boise State University’s Visual Arts Center in Boise, ID. Curated by FotoFilmic , this new program assembles 20 photographers from the past FotoFilmic’13, FotoFilmic’14 and FotoFilmic’15 touring exhibitions to present a unique worldview of contemporary photography’s material practices. A testimony to the continuous rooting and resurgent evolutions of 21st C. photographic arts in analogue and historical media, “The New Face of Film” underlying vision frames a defining moment and transitionary occupation of film-based photography and its rich lineage of physical craft and recording methods in the context of today’s global digital culture and its transformative social force driving instantaneous image consumption and image making purposes.

Engaging reality’s finite time and space experience with an equally finite medium such as – for the lack of a better term – “Material Photography” not only seems to procure photographers a more vested, shared and lived photographic purpose with regards to camerawork on the photographic production end, but also just as importantly to negotiate a different epistemology altogether of the act of photography itself. This first retrospective show then attempts at bringing into clearer focus the ideas that now more than ever how we photograph has a huge impact on meaning construction trickling all the way down to a photographer’s artistic identity, and secondly that even though film-based and analogue photographic technology largely sat at a standstill since the 1990s, photographers on the other hand have drastically changed in the meantime their understanding and use of it.  Ultimately “The New Face of Film” hopes to contribute to the emergence of this new world practice and vision of material photographic media in the digital age as a valid contemporary discourse.

Rylan Steele, Columbus GA, USA | FotoFilmic'15

Thomas Bouquin, Montreal QC, Canada | FotoFilmic'14

David Shannon-Lier, Livingston MT, USA | FotoFilmic'15 (4th Place Honorable Mention)

Gerrit Hahn, Berlin, Germany | FotoFilmic'13

Bertrand Cavalier, Brussels, Belgium | FotoFilmic'15 (2nd Place Winner)

Shawne Brown, Nashville TN, USA | FotoFilmic'14

Cedric Dubus, Lille, France | FotoFilmic'15

Jillian Freyer, Boston MA, USA | FotoFilmic'14

James Reeder, Brooklyn NY, USA | FotoFilmic'15

Merijn Koelink, The Hague, The Netherlands | FotoFilmic'13 (1st Place Winner)

Julia Borissova, St. Petersburg, Russia | FotoFilmic'15

Rachel Jump, Chicago IL, USA | FotoFilmic'14

Marinos Tsagkarakis, Thessaloniki, Greece | FotoFilmic'14

Julie Renee Jones, Dayton OH, USA | FotoFilmic'13

Alexandra Hughes, Gateshead, UK | FotoFilmic'13

Masha Svyatogor, Minsk, Belarus | FotoFilmic'14

Hyunmoo Lee, Seoul, South Korea | FotoFilmic'13

Pascal Amoyel, Paris, France | FotoFilmic'14 (2nd Place Winner)

Barbara Diener, Chicago IL, USA | FotoFilmic'14 (3rd Place Winner)

Vittoria Mentasti, Turin, Italy | FotoFilmic'15