Fotofilmic was founded by VNB in 2012 as a global film-photography publication and curation platform dedicated to emerging and unknown photo talents attached to film worldwide. FOTOFILMIC’14 is the 2nd edition of FotoFilmic’s annual and global film photography competition following last year’s inaugural FotoFilmic’13 Competition.

Each edition of the FotoFilmic Competition involves 2 parts:

– 1st a 6-month online curated SHORTLIST of 90 film photographers selected through 3 consecutive 2-month calls (ShortList1, ShortList2 and ShortList3 with 30 artists per list)

– 2nd an international juried exhibition of contemporary film photography – FotoFilmic’14 this year – featuring 30 final winners and prints from the completed SHORTLIST.

The exhibition, juried by an international panel of famed film photographers and established photography artists, features 3 Cash Prizes (1st, 2nd and 3rd Places), 2 Honorable Mentions (4th and 5th Places) and 1 Exhibition Catalog publication (EXHIBITION + SHORTLIST).

The FotoFilmic Competition’s 2-step web & walls curatorial approach aims at democratizing and facilitating submission procedures and costs as much as possible for entrants from all nations & backgrounds so that no quality work remains unseen or out of reach, while still committing to traditional means of celebrating the photographic print in the form of a mounted and juried exhibition.

In the global context of digital technology FotoFilmic reflects an ongoing transformative understanding of Film Photography as a distinct fine art medium and practice within contemporary photography. While most film shooters are presently found in academic art departments pursing advanced degrees, FotoFilmic’s core intention is to open wide the publication doors of contemporary film photography to all talented amateurs without restriction of ages or location that demonstrate high quality of execution and creative envisioning.

New to 2014, the FotoFilmic Exhibition FotoFilmic’14 will travel to and open in 2 different cities and countries: first in Vancouver, Canada in October 2014 and then in Los Angeles, California in January 2015! This will help the exhibition reach broader audiences in its celebration of 21st C. film photography art and in representing the thousands discovering or rediscovering the enchanting power of shooting celluloid every year!