November 6, 2016 FotoFilmic

JENNY RIFFLE (United States)

1st Place Buschlen Mowatt Nichol Foundation Award Winner


2nd Place BEAU PHOTO Prize Winner


3rd Place LOMOGRAPHY Prize Winner

KUMI OGURO (Belgium/Japan)

4th Place Honorable Mention and ADOX Prize Winner


5th Place Honorable Mention and ADOX Prize Winner



FotoFilmic’16 Awards Announcement


The first exhibition opening of the FotoFilmic’16 International Traveling Exhibition juried earlier this year by revered photographer Todd Hido and 4 other esteemed curators from London, San Francisco, Vancouver and Melbourne took place yesterday evening at dnj Gallery in Santa Monica, California! Following this inaugural reception, FotoFilmic is proud today to announce who amongst the 30 exhibitors are the recipients of this year’s 5 top places and their respective awards, prizes and mentions.

The FotoFilmic’16 Top Winners are:

  1. First Place & $1,500 Buschlen Mowatt Nichol Foundation Cash Award Winner:

  Jenny Riffle, Seattle, WA, USA

  1. Second Place & $500 BEAU Photo Cash Award Winner:

  Danielle Stine, Toronto, ON, Canada

  1. Third Place & Lomography Equipment Prize Winner:

  Matthieu Litt, Liège, Belgium

  1. 4th Place ADOX Equipment Prize Winner & Honorable Mention:

  Kumi Oguro, Antwerp, Belgium/Japan

  1. 5th Place ADOX Equipment Prize Winner & Honorable Mention:

  Alexis Pazoumian, Paris, France/ Armenia

Big congratulations to them! Each will soon receive individual information from the FotoFilmic Team on coordinating the delivery of their prizes and awards in the near future. We also wish to take this opportunity to thank again our jurors this year for their incredible work and selection in mounting the FotoFilmic’16 show, as well as picking these deserving winners: our sincere thanks go to Todd Hido, Barrie Mowatt, Heidi Romano, Heather Snider and Karen McQuaid for lending their expert curatorial eyes to the 4th traveling FotoFilmic exhibition!

Details of the Awards & Prizes can be found at

Presenting 30 promising analogue and film-based photographers from 10 countries through as many single works, FotoFilmic’16 pictures a unique worldview of contemporary photography’s material practices. The exhibition’s underlying vision frames a defining moment and transitionary occupation of film-based photography and its rich lineage of physical craft and recording methods in the context of today’s global digital culture. Running contrarily to the fairly common but largely unfounded notion that a fundamental technological contradiction exists between digital and material photography, FotoFilmic’16 shifts focus on photographers’ practices and how materiality at their core may inform and sometimes defines their end work. This according to FotoFilmic is an important reversal to understanding film and analogue photographic culture today.

The FotoFilmic’16 Exhibition remains on view at dnj Gallery until December 3, 2016. It will next travel to Junior Space in Melbourne, Australia in February 2017 for a second installment there before coming back home to Vancouver’s Burrard Arts Foundation where it will remount a last time in April during the annual Capture festival.